Photo by Marc Chalifoux

Photo by Marc Chalifoux

About Tianna

Tianna travels the world collecting unusual experiences and stunts.  Her cheeky grin shines in the face of a challenge, and her charm can pull even the most stand-offish crowd into her brave world of discovery.

She offers a selections of shows for general public, families, adults, or kids. Her skills include whip cracking, hand-balancing, acrobatic stilts, fire, and her signature ratchet strap escape stunt.

Most exceptional is Tianna’s incredible ability to affect an audience.  In a single performance they could laugh, cry, and laugh again.  Hundreds of audiences around the world have found inspiration, and strength in this show.  To read more about the audience experience visit the Testimony Page.

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A highly intelligent, sophisticated and creative performer, she entrances audiences both young and old... To inspire young children with stories of mythical lands whilst escaping from heavy duty chains is a sight that audiences never tire of. Every festival should be booking Tianna The Traveller.
— Kate Jones, Programme Director, Busk in London

Photo by Marc Chalifoux

Photo by Marc Chalifoux

My daughter assisted you in your show. She is usually quiet, timid and reserved... but you managed to pull out a very loud voice and a very brave person! She was so proud of herself at the end of your show. [Now] When she gets sad and upset and un-confident, I remind her about Tianna and then often can take a deep breath and do something that’s scary for her.
— Kim L.K., Canadian mom

About the Artist

Miranda Allen is an international variety artist and actor based in Alberta, Canada.  Her background includes Theatre, Clown, Dance, Acrobatics, and stage combat.