Congratulations on making the first step to find Tianna at the Adelaide Fringe.

In this pop up, guerilla performance, Tianna will perform stunts collected from adventures around the world.  This transient act will appear along Rundle street at sporadic and unexpected times. The only ways to find Tianna will be to keep your eyes wide and follow her @tiannatravels or tiannathetraveller.com, which you have already begun to do.

Photo by Marc Chalifoux

Photo by Marc Chalifoux

About the show

Tianna travels the world collecting stories and stunts.  With charm and a cheeky smile, she dares to face every challenge and seek adventure!  Her skills include whip cracking, hand-balancing, and an original ratchet strap escape.  Using escape as a metaphor for facing challenges, Tianna encourages audiences to be brave and dare to dream big! 

Tianna builds a relationship with each audience, pulling them into her brave world of wonder.  Hundreds of audiences in Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand have found inspiration, strength, and surprise belly laughs in this show.   It is an adventure not to be missed.


Where to Find Tianna

Weekday show times and locations will be revealed  on twitter around 10:00am. 
Weekend show times and locations will be revealed on twitter around 6:00pm.
You can also follow @tiannatravels on Facebook & Instagram

Twitter feed below:

Photo by Chew Mah

Photo by Chew Mah

What to Expect:

This versatile show can be performed several ways.
During the Adelaide fringe expect to be outdoors, standing or sitting on the ground.

Raw Street - On the raw street, such as Rundle Mall, no one is expecting an event or entertainment.  In this environment Tianna's job is to weave a community event out of nothing.  The first 15 minutes can be painfully awkward; passersby may react to the performer and performance in all kinds of ways.  It's a great place to witness art meeting the real world.

Festival street - The outdoor environment at a festival is a bit more prepared for entertainment.  Still charged with the vibrance of the unpredictable, outdoor performance at a festival is a bit more relaxed and nuanced.  Tianna will be performing on the closed Rundle Street on the weekends between the Garden of Unearthly Delights and Gluttony.

Indoor Theatre - At the moment Tianna has no indoor theatre bookings during the festival that are open to the public.  The theatre show is focused, fast, and includes additional stunts that are unsafe to perform on the street.  If you would like more information, email Tianna at tiannathetraveller@gmail.com.

Why pop up?

This show is designed to be versatile and accessible.  It can be performed in a theatre, outdoors at a festival, or on the raw street.  The street is unique, in that it allows audiences to access the show who may never have contact with it, were it in a theatre.  They may be people who attend festivals for the atmosphere and would never have thought to see a show, or they may be people for whom theatre is financially prohibitive.  Whether patrons choose to seek out the show, or stumbled upon it by happy accident, the street allows everyone the opportunity to enjoy.

What is "hatting"?

In the grand tradition of street theatre, Tianna will hold out her hat at the end of each street show.  Unlike theatre shows where tickets cost a prescribed amount, at the end of a street show pay as much as you want, or as much as you can afford. 

Photo by Melissa de Block

Photo by Melissa de Block

See you at the Fringe!